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Webinar and Traning Programs

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is the amalgamation of the two words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. This means that a webinar is no different from a seminar, however, it gets conducted on the internet. These are online events to spread awareness about a particular topic.

Benefits of Webinars

The growing popularity of Webinars comes as a surprise. These webinars make life easier without sacrificing quality. Webinars have a lot to offer. Read further to know Why attending webinars are beneficial.

Time & Money Savvy

Webinars are convenient and easy to attend. People used to go on long journeys to attend seminars. It is not possible to attend more than one seminar in different cities. However, webinars have made it easier. These events eliminate the need to travel and make it easier and cheaper for attendees and organizers also, especially in the current times. In this COVID situation where people are not able to go anywhere, online events have made it possible for everyone to be connected with others professionally.

Great Way of Networking

It seems a bit difficult for everyone to connect with each other in physical events. However, this barrier gets eliminated in the webinars. People can ask questions, participate in polls, and take part in other activities. This is a great way of engaging with others, learning and growing.

Great Source of Knowledge & Upskilling

The biggest benefits of attending webinars are gaining knowledge and upskilling. Webinars are great resources of information. As career counsellors, you can understand industry trends, various career options available for students, different ways to help students in their career journey and a lot more. The way content is explained in a webinar is much more intimate than it could ever conceivably be in other kinds of presentations.These are like personal sessions where you can easily share your feedback, ask questions, and get engaged with arbitrarily large audiences all at once. This is what makes webinars unique forms of sessions. Different webinar platforms come with various functionalities and feature able to fill interests and steer you in the right direction.

Learning From Industry Experts

How many of you can attend physical events abroad and in different cities in India? How many of you can attend sessions in different cities at one time? The answer is not many. However, these are all possible when you attend a webinar. One of the major benefits of webinars is that it does not limit your learning. You can attend whatever session you want and at any time from any part of the globe. You are not limited to just gaining knowledge from your country. You can learn from industry experts all around the world. This makes webinars one of the best ways of updating your knowledge and upskilling yourself.

Lifetime Access to the Learnings

When you go to a physical event, you can only learn one time. If you don’t make the notes properly, you might end up with less knowledge. You would never be able to get full insights whenever you require it. However, this scenario doesn’t happen in webinars.After attending a webinar, you can easily access all the information with the help of recordings. You just need to play the recording and you get access to the full event. It seems like you are attending the webinar again and again and can polish your skills.