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Principal's Desk

It has been nearly two decades when we began with just a dream and now we have a strength of around 2800 students and a whole array of achievements to talk about. But, as with any dream, this dream has assumed greater proportions now. The will to scale greater heights and to make our students achieve the pinnacle of success in every sphere, grows in strength as the day pass.

We have done everything to give the best to our students. The teachers keep on upgrading their teaching skills and we keep on upgrading the infrastructure and strategy to make our system of imparting holistic education more effective and all-encompassing.

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I would specially like to put in a word of appreciation for the parents of our students. It is because of their continuous co-operation and enthusiastic support for their children’s creative endeavours that we have notched up so many achievements in academics and other activities. I hope this saga of success would continue in the years to come.

Mrs. P.L Rana