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Whenever it comes to sports, we often come across a common question- “what is the importance of games in a student’s life?”. No matter how much we say that studies are important, we can’t deny that sports help in the overall development and growth of a student. In fact, we all know there are many famous sports persons like Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble who were indeed great scholars in studies but made their career in sports. Do you know both these Indian Cricketers were pursuing Chartered Accountancy and Engineering respectively but dropped as they lost interest in studies and joined Cricket? And the rest became history! Not to mention, they have achieved a lot of success even beyond their initial expectations. So, dear parents, if you see that your child is not taking much interest in studies but showing interest in some other activities, there are many other fields that are always open for them. And one of them is sports. One of the best source of physical education. All these dreams can be fulfilled with dedication, hard work, constant practice, and following a few baby steps right from school days. So, Let’s check out exactly how games and sports are going to play a major role in students’ life!

What is the Importance of Sports in a Student’s Life?

  1. Sports and games enhance social relationships.
  2. Games make students emotionally strong.
  3. It helps in building skills.
  4. Students have a great career in Sports.
  5. Sports is Directly Proportional to Health
  6. Sports Eliminates Stress

No wonder studies are important for a better future, but as parents, we all have to remember that our children can achieve the same goal despite having an interest in games. Only one of these two will not lead them to their goal. So, your children should get the habit of playing from the early school days and carry on this as much as they can. This national sports day as parents, all we need to do is pick and choose the most deserved school for our little ones where sports and other curricular activities are given equal importance as studies.