St. Andrews Scots Sr. Sec. School (GOVT. RECOGNISED & AFFILIATED TO C.B.S.E, DELHI)


Co-curricular Activities

Competitions are organised regularly like that of recitation, story telling, calligraphy, painting, fancy dress, folk songs, general knowledge and quiz in order to bring out the hidden talents of children to make them self confident and develop a healthy sportsman spirit.

S.U.P.W. / Work Experience

C.B.S.E. has introduced S.U.P.W. as an integral part of school curriculum with a view to provide corrective to the pre-dominantly bookish education and to bring students closer to practicality.

Keeping in mind the spirit of S.U.P.W. which requires every activity to be purposeful, socially useful, productive, educative and manual, the school has made provisions for large number of activities like : Music, Dance, Acting, Computer Science, Craft, Drawing, Paper Cutting, Toy-making, Needle Work, Fabric Painting, Batic, Band, Painting, Carving, Singing, Gardening Workshops etc.

School Band and Music

The school has a full fledged Band with all equipments. It has won several prizes, shields, medals, certificates at the Zonal and National level.

Music is one of the basic activities of the school where Tabla, Guitar, Harmonium, Sythesizer, Casio, Drums, Flute, Sitar and many other musical instruments are taught to the students.

School Magazine

‘Renaissance’, the annual school magazine brings out the potential of the students to the fullest.

It is a magazine of the students and by the students, which has been brought out to provide the students with ample opportunity to express themselves and unleash their creativity. Through the pages of this magazine, there has been an effort not only to bring out the potential of the students but also to highlight the activities the school promotes. It also provides a platform to the students for their overall development and moulding their personality.

‘Renaissance’, as the name suggests is a new outlook on the existing era. It literally means rebirth & is used to describe revival of interest in various facets of life.